Thursday, October 17, 2013

Simpang Asia

I'm here in Los Angeles working with one other student, Travis. Among the many things that are incredibly interesting about him is that he has spent most of his life living abroad. One of the many places was Indonesia. So when he found an authentic Indonesian restaurant that he claimed was as good as what he grew up with, I tagged along for a pretty fantastic linner (too late for lunch, too early for dinner: linner). We left the office and headed the 3 miles to Simpang Asia (which of course took 35 minutes, thanks 405 for making the 10 a mess!). By the time I arrived he had already stopped next door at the market for his favorite beverage:
Pocari Sweat. The Japanese equivalent to Gatorade, without all of the extra sugar?
My beverage: a honeydew smoothie
Delicious potato balls battered w/ light crisp bread crumbs filed with ground chicken and potato in special sauce.
Chicken Sate 
Signature Indonesian soy-marinated chicken skewers paired perfectly with bold and tasty garlic peanut sauce.
Nasi Rames

Basic Indonesian rice plate. Combination of chicken curry braised tempeh, beef curry rendang, and garlic green bean. 

Needless to say, it was all delicious! And Travis was happier than a kid at Christmas! 

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