Monday, October 14, 2013

Cassandra Marie

Let me introduce myself. Who knows, maybe one of you few readers don't know who I am?

Call me Cassie. I'm a early twenty-something living in the City of Angels while finishing my masters.
I'm an avid Arizona State Sun Devil, by declaration of a BA in Psychology, a long list of graduate homework demands, and paychecks. I'm actually living in LA working for ASU in a new project with the University and a few other organizations working in the broad field of Public Affairs. Come May I will be the proud owner of another degree, my Master's in Public Administration and have a wide array of experiences in my back pocket.

Monsoon season in Tucson
I love good food, coffee (in almost every form, but I have a love affair with espresso), great literature, a perfect glass of wine, traveling to the big cities and the small gems, movies, fashion, and the warm feeling that good music brings to the soul. I have been blessed with some of the most amazing and caring friends and the most supportive family I could have ever dreamed of.

My home will always be the Sonoran Desert, where the saguaro cactus can be found. I highly recommend escaping to the desert for a few things: a desert monsoon (the smell of the wet desert cannot be beat), spring training (Talking Stick lawn seats+sangria with baseball, doesn't get much better than that), and an early morning hike when the cactus blossoms are in full bloom (try the Superstition Mountains, great views of the valley from there). There are plenty of other beautiful things to be found in Arizona, but those will be sure to come up later on.

Introducing Adelaide.

Adelaide is my (almost) 4-year old chihuahua mix and she is like my child. I have traveled with her and take more pictures of her than probably anything or anyone else. She'll be a common mention in this blog because simply, I cannot get enough of her adorable tendencies and cuddley nature. She's the cutest dog to exist. I'm not biased! People tell me all the time.

All in all, my life is full of blessings. I hope this fully documents how much I love each and every piece of my life and I hope I can share something lovely with you as well.

xoxo, sweets.

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