Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Los Angeles Bucket List

The final count down has arrived. I am moving back to the Valley of the Sun at the end of April! I am incredibly excited to move home again and so grateful for the opportunity to live in the City of Angels for the past 8 months. I've learned so much about myself and that could have only come from this experience. Before this opportunity came along I was feeling frustrated with Arizona. I felt it was holding me back, had nothing to offer, wasn't what I needed to be myself. But moving away opened my eyes to how much I love home. It's where my heart feels fullest. 

That being said, I have certainly opted to make the most out of living here and enjoy it to its fullest. Thats almost an impossible task, considering how large the LA area is. But I'm doing my best. This is going to be an updated blog post--check back to see what if it's accomplished. I'm going to post the entire list of things I feel are necessary to my experience as an Angeleno and the photos once I accomplish them. I am so grateful for the most amazing friends I have to find these gems with me!

  • Hollywood Sign
  • Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round
These two are the absolute best! 

  • Griffith Park Old Zoo
  • Griffith Observatory
  • West Hollywood Carnaval
Conference guest speaker
The best ladies, and our scarecrow photobomb
  • The Getty Center
My favorite at the Getty and I could stare at it forever: Van Gogh's Les Irises
  • The Getty Villa
  • The Rose Bowl
  • USC Tailgate

  • Hollywood Cemetery
Part 1. Grad Photos at the Urban Lights by Kelsee Becker Photography
  • MOCA
  • Malibu Cafe

  • Venice Canals

  • Dodgers Stadium
Dodgers win! in extra innings!
Dbacks Win!
Giants Win! (and perfect seats)
  • Portos

  • Los Angeles Central Library
Complete with Bottega Louie Mocha and Tarte
  • Huntington Library
  • Runyon Canyon
  • Robertson Blvd (with celeb spotting, one I actually recognize AND know their full name)
  • The Burbank Harry Potter store
  • Disneyland Annual Pass Holder!!!

  • TV Filming 
Flashback to when I first arrived
Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tony Danza
Not exhaustive, may be added month and counting!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Galentine's Day Weekend

Valentine's Day is typically something I don't care about one way or another. I know that is something that the chronically single always say but never mean, but's just a day. I don't dread its existence, nor do I mope about eating chocolate with its arrival and cry over my singleness. Perhaps it comes from being in the service industry for a number of years. Regardless, this year was no different. Lesley and I galentined it up starting with Larchmont for coffee and ending with Bootleg and live music. In the middle I completed my certification course for my Homeland Security course. If there is a local disaster, I am prepared and can help y'all through it! (nothing screams romance like disaster preparedness!!)

Get Em Tiger on Larchmont for a macadamia almond milk cappuccino 
I made a tasty chinese stir fry and Lesley and I hit up our favorite little dive venue the neighborhood over. I couldn't tell ya who was playing but they were coupley and folky and sounded divine live. We enjoyed some new friends on the patio in the most perfect weather while we listened to them play after  our photobooth picture!

Out of 15 pictures, this is the only one that is usable. And who knows what I'm even doing.

Cut to Saturday. Estaban (Esteban?) had invited us to an event he was working at Downtown. He was getting us in as VIP's to the worlds largest cement pour to take place at one time. Confused? I was there and I'm still not sure what was really going on. Something about how Korean Air is building what will be the largest building in Los Angeles (70+ floors) and Guiness was invited while they had a parade of cement trucks filling somewhere between 14-17 feet of a massive hole with cement. It was a big to-do with the Mayor, Senators, and business big wigs and the USC Marching Band! We got a front hole seat to watch as the 'pour' began. Which was really more of a straw-tube-slide like contraption.

The green things are the arms that the cement was running through to fill the hole, which is where the rods and beams are.
All in all, it was a rather odd experience. But it provided some excellent people watching! Afterwards we found a new pizza shop downtown and then made our way back to our piece of LA.

Sunday is the perfect brunch day. Brunch in DTLA turned to lunch, which then sort of turned into a Los Angeles cluster rather quickly. We went to the Ace Hotel to try out their new restaurant. Let's go with it left a lot to be desired...but I would loveeee to go back to try out Upstairs, which of course is the rooftop lounge with a GREAT patio.

Yes, we accidentally dressed in the same cobalt blue. 
After lunch, Lesley and I went to the Grove for some window shopping and people watching with a drink. There was a singer performing at the fountain where we were sitting which provided some sort of entertainment and I even had a celeb sighting. I'm a terrible celeb spotter because all I know is that he's on TV but I can't tell you which show and I couldn't tell you what his name is if my life depended on it. But it's something to keep ya entertained on a Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Two weeks, many adventures!

[Oops, outdated now because I'm a terrible blogger.]

No surprise to anyone, I'm back in the Valley quite frequently. So when I was back in Los Angeles for exactly two weeks, I filled my days with fun places and made memories with my dearests. Starting with a beach trip after a day in the office with Kevin. 
Low January tides!
frolicking in the Pacific
sunny fundays.

New sushi joint in SaMo
Next up of course was morning walks through Griffith Park. Adelaide loves when we go and it tuckers her out so she sleeps pretty well after we get back. Lesley and I made a trip up as well and shared a few good laughs at Adelaide trying to be intimidating.
Morning hikes with Adelaide in Griffith
I had a night out in Hollywood for Taco Tuesday. The Velvet Margarita and Tekila with some celebrity stars.

Saturday was a best friends day for the books. It started with brunch in a pop-up restaurant inside an old hotel in DTLA. The most amazing drinks, atmosphere and meal! It was quite delightful. Followed by The Last Bookstore popping into art galleries. The reason for our trip downtown was the Open Broadway project. A handful of the classic theaters were opened for the people to walk through and experience the charm. They are all so beautiful and have so much character. The last one we went to has been completely gutted which was completely heartbreaking. To walk into something built in the 1930's and see nothing but concrete and ladders...tragedy, I tell ya. 

Los Angeles Brewing Co.
The Orpheum