Sunday, February 23, 2014

Two weeks, many adventures!

[Oops, outdated now because I'm a terrible blogger.]

No surprise to anyone, I'm back in the Valley quite frequently. So when I was back in Los Angeles for exactly two weeks, I filled my days with fun places and made memories with my dearests. Starting with a beach trip after a day in the office with Kevin. 
Low January tides!
frolicking in the Pacific
sunny fundays.

New sushi joint in SaMo
Next up of course was morning walks through Griffith Park. Adelaide loves when we go and it tuckers her out so she sleeps pretty well after we get back. Lesley and I made a trip up as well and shared a few good laughs at Adelaide trying to be intimidating.
Morning hikes with Adelaide in Griffith
I had a night out in Hollywood for Taco Tuesday. The Velvet Margarita and Tekila with some celebrity stars.

Saturday was a best friends day for the books. It started with brunch in a pop-up restaurant inside an old hotel in DTLA. The most amazing drinks, atmosphere and meal! It was quite delightful. Followed by The Last Bookstore popping into art galleries. The reason for our trip downtown was the Open Broadway project. A handful of the classic theaters were opened for the people to walk through and experience the charm. They are all so beautiful and have so much character. The last one we went to has been completely gutted which was completely heartbreaking. To walk into something built in the 1930's and see nothing but concrete and ladders...tragedy, I tell ya. 

Los Angeles Brewing Co.
The Orpheum

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