Sunday, January 19, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Seeing as how up until August I have always lived either with or within 15 minutes of family I have never experienced the joys of going home for the holidays. I was ever so anxious this year to get home and enjoy my favorite time of the year. I had originally planned on one week at home over Christmas and then back to Los Angeles for my birthday and NYE. However, after a long discussion with my mom the night before my return from Thanksgiving, I made the decision that ultimately led to me being back in the Valley of the Sun of a full month (I swear, I actually do live in Los Angeles?).

After a last minute change in my departure date due to an interview being called with Santa Monica (which ultimately just led to frustration, some upset, and a lot of drama...but I interviewed well!) I was on my way back home to enjoy the festivities of the month of December.

I started my visit home with a weekend trip to Flagstaff to enjoy some of that cold white stuff the rest of the country is currently buried under.

Weekdays and evenings consisted of gorgeous sunset views from the new house and fires and weekends were chock full of family and close friends.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Ladies Brunch with my Anabel and Adelaide

Happiest Day of the Year...Eggplant Day with my lovely extended Irish/Italian Family <3

Sunday Fishing+Wine Drinking for those of age.
Then comes Christmas, and what a couple of days we had! Christmas Eve was at the new house, complete with Prime and oodles of champagne! The kids had a good time and enjoyed their presents and we played a very competitive game of Jenga between dinner and presents.

Christmas earrings!

Christmas day was another day chock full of shenanagins. And more champagne. And family photos.

All in all, the holidays were marvelous and I fully enjoyed spending the time with my family. This post is so many photos, I'll save the other two weeks for another post! 

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